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Thursday 30 October 2014
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Choose from the full range of lodgings available in Orvieto and the surrounding area. The best solution to suit your needs: Hotels, Farm Holidays, Historic Residences, Rent to Rooms, Apartments to Rent, Hostels, Religious Hostels, Camping and Country-houses.

Orvieto Typical Products

Consult our Typical Products section to find out where to get the area's best local produce and make the most of it in your kitchen at home.

Orvieto What to See & Do

Got a few hours to spare and need some suggestions as to how to make the most of your time?

The What to See & Do section lists a number of activities both in Orvieto and the surrounding area. Itineraries and guided tours, cookery courses, nature itineraries, sports and more…

Orvieto restaurants

Get the inside scoop on the full variety of cuisine available in Orvieto and the surrounding area, from the best local specialities to top international cuisine or just a simple pizza in the Restaurants, Pizzerie, and Pubs section.

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Orvieto hotel

Shopping Orvieto

Orvieto city shopping guideDiscover the main shopping streets and squares in Orvieto. A virtual stroll past some of the city's smartest shop windows. Find shops, a brands, typical products, trendy bars, stores, wine-bar, disco, clubs and more with just a click of your mouse... .


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Claudio Faina Archaeological Museum. IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ERACLE.
Four prestigious museums have come together to tell Heracles, namely one of the best-known figures of classical mythology and that has had a lasting fortune in the Arts to the present day. The exhibition which will be available from 10 April to 9 Novemnbre 2014 starts from the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome - from May 9 to November 9 - with milestones at the National Gallery of Ancient Art in Palazzo Corsini, in Rome, and the Archaeological Museum of FALISCO in Civita ......[more]

Great religious event granted by Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the Miracle of Bolsena and the FEAST OF CORPUS CHRISTI - from January 13, 2013 to 16 November 2014. Points of the Jubilee are the Basilica of Orvieto and that of S. Cristina in Bolsena. In Orvieto January 13, 2013 saw the opening of the Holy Door of the Corporal, one of the steps required to obtain the plenary indulgence, until November 16, 2014, the date set for the conclusion of the Jubilee. The ......[more]

Corbara Lake
LAKE CORBARA & THE WWF RESERVE AT ALVIANO – Rich in plant life and thick woods, the area around Lake Corbara is a fine example of how man’s intervention in nature can create a unique and natural habitat. Today this area, which has been artificially flooded into a lake by a dam placed along the river Tiber, is a major attraction for tourists. The panoramic road that runs around the lake and connects Orvieto with Todi offers stunning views. The Etrusco-Roman Wine Trail runs from Orvieto to Amelia past the lake and the WWF nature reserve of Alviano.

 Editor's Choices

The Anello di Monte Tigno
Orvieto – Trip to the Anello di Monte Tigno . Exit the city towards what has become one of Italy’s best known panoramic views and just walk through the Umbrian countryside, passing by convents, through woods, along ancient Etruscan roads, springs and fascinating ancient towns rich in art treasures. An excursion suitable for all ages and all seasons.
Orvieto Accessibile
Assisi Online Un percorso turistico per le persone diversamente abili. Di seguito si propongono suggerimenti utili per evitare gli ostacoli-barriere architettoniche presenti nella cittadina di Orvieto, sia per le persone con difficoltà motorie che sensoriali, per visitare i luoghi più importanti della città, aperti al turismo accessibile tutti raggiungibili da piazza Duomo.

Orvieto Orvieto

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