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Monday 19 August 2019
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The Forello and della Piana Caves

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The Forello Gorge and the della Piana Caves ….. a must for caving enthusiasts

The carsic geological formations around Lake Corbara have generated a number of cavities within the cliffs that rise up out of the lake.

Before flowing into the artificial basin of Lake Corbara, the waters of the river Tiber flow through the Forello gorge for some 8 kilometres.

The della Piana caves were known in antiquity as the caves of Santa Romana and are near the Forello gorge at a place called La Roccaccia di Titignano.

The caves extend underground in a labyrinthine network of passages for some 2.5 kilometres and feature a cavity that is reputed to be the largest in Italy.

The caves are interesting both for geologists and archaeologists. The almost completely flat interior of the caves was in fact inhabited in prehistoric times, as testified by a number of remains unearthed here. Visitors should not miss the so-called Sala dei Vortici.

Other caves
The Vergozzino cave lies between Scoppieto and Civitella del Lago. It descends for some 132 metres and is a particularly challenging cave to explore.

Only expert speleologists are in fact permitted to descend into the cave, which contains a network of carsic passages.

Other two caves lie in the area - Vergozzo, a 70-metre-deep hole near Civitella, and Callarano (Callaruccio), which is known for the curious column of vapour that rises from its opening in certain atmospheric conditions.

For further information concerning this kind of excursion we suggest you contact Gianluigi Monaldi, a qualified guide of the Regione dell'Umbria. Tel. 333.4715057, e-mail gianluigimonaldi@libero.it. Monaldi provides all the necessary equipment on his trips.


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