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Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Car Rentals in Orvieto

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Strada dell'Arcone, 13 - 05019 ORVIETO SCALO
tel. 0763/301303

Strada del Piano, 6/a - 05018 ORVIETO
tel. 0763/302969 - 302838
cell. 330/477399 - 339/8807870

Via del Caccia, 19 - 05018 ORVIETO
Via A. Costanzi, 75/bis - 05019 ORVIETO SCALO
tel. 0763/341492 - 342531
cell. 335/5252975 - 337/768086

Via Ombrone, 1 - 05010 SFERRACAVALLO
tel. 0763/390074
cell. 348/3300801
e-mail: clcoch@tin.it

Via VII Martiri, 32/f - 05018 ORVIETO
tel. 0763/301303 - 390506

At the Airport of Sant'Egidio - Perugia, all the leading car hire companies have offices.

AVIS Perugia Airport - PEG

Tel. (+39)075-6929796

Closed Sundays; Mon-Sat 8am-2pm 3-7,30pm

EUROPCAR Perugia Airport Courtesy point (PEGT02)

Tel. (+39)0755731704 Fax: (+39)0755734201

HERTZ Perugia Airport - PEG

Tel. (+39)0755002439 Fax: (+39)0755926266

Mon-Sun on request only with flight number

MAGGIORE National reservations centre +39 062291530



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