SMU - Southern Methodist University summer program in Orvieto

The SMU-in-Italy program was founded in 1985 and has introduced over five hundred students from SMU and other universities to Italy.

This year's program will begin in Orvieto this summer from 20 May until 27 June 2005. We will stay at the Grand Hotel Italia. Our students study drawing, the history of art, and European theatre.

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Southern Methodist University summer program in Orvieto

Here is the information on our program:
The group will depart the United States on May 24 and arrive in Rome on May 25. From Rome, the group will move to Orvieto, a medieval hill-town in Umbria, about seventy miles north of Rome. Excursions by train and bus are planned to the spectacular ruins of the ancient Roman harbor city of Ostia Antica, to the splendidly preserved late medieval city of Siena and the thrilling early Renaissance city of Florence, both in Tuscany, and to a broad range of important monuments in teh magnificent city of Rome. In addition, there will be an optional weekend trip to Venice (Venice trip cost not included in program cost).


At least two orientation meetings will be held prior to departure. The meetings are mandatory for SMU students, and summaries of these meetings will be mailed to participants from other institutions.


Professor Kathy Windrow is a practicing artist who received her MA in Art History and MFA in painting from SMU. Kathy is an adjunct professor in the SMU graduate program in Theatre Design and has been an instructor of drawing and/or Assistant Director of teh SMU-in-Italy program since 1991. She will serve as Director of the program and will assist students in adapting to the cultural and practical realities of the new environment.

Rhonda Blair has been a professor of Theatre at SMU since 1995. She teaches in the areas of critical studies in theatre, solo performance, and text analysis. She is a director, performer, writer, and scholar. Her areas of interest include European and U.S. theatre from 1850 to the present, alternative and avant-garde theatre and performance, and theories of acting. Rhonda joined teh SMU-in-Italy faculty in 2004.

Charissa N. Terranova holds a Ph.D. and MA in architectural history and theory from Harvard University, and an MA in art history from the University of Illinois, Chicago. She lived in France for two years as a Lurcy and Fulbright scholar. Since 2004 she has been an Assistant Professor in SMU's Division of Art History.

Course Offerings

ARHS 4304
Urbs et Orbis: The City in Italy as Place and Concept

Instructor: Dr. Charissa N. Terranove, SMU Division of Art History The distinction between the city as a physical place, the urbs, and the city as an idea, the orbis, created a longstanding link between territory and ritual, locale and law, nation and citizen, homeland and world. This class will investigate the city in Italy in both space and time. In space, the course will focus on the architectural monuments and urban form of the Italian city as a living entity: from the Tempio del Belvedere and Colosseum to Brunelleshchi's Duomo and EUR; from Ostia Antica and teh City-Republic of Siena to the urban layering of Sixtus V and Mussolini's Rome. In time, the course will cover the Italian city of antiquity, early Christianity and teh Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque and modernism. The class will consist of indoor and on-site lectures, readings, discussions, and short student presentations. (offered in the afternoon)

ASDR 1310 Drawing in Italy - For Beginners
ASDR 5302, 5303 Directed Studies - Drawing in Italy for Advanced Students

Instructor: Kathy Windrow, SMU Division of Theatre These concurrently taught courses will introduce students to "plein air" drawing of the ruins, monuments and landscapes of central Italy. The class is structured so that beginners can learn the language and art of drawing, while advanced students are allowed the freedom to explore formal issues and expressive means. Students will produce a visual record of their travels and experiences in Italy. There are no prerequisites for ASDR 1310. Instructor approval is required for registration in ASDR 5302 and 5303. (offered in the morning)

THEA 4386/CFA 3386
European Theatre and Drama, 1879-1953

Instructor: Dr. Rhonda Blair, SMU Division of Theatre
In this course students will study selected major figures and movements in European theatre beginning with the premiere of Isben's "A Doll House," which is typically said to mark the beginning of modern Western theatre, and culminating with the premiere of Beckett's "Waiting for Godot." The discussion of plays and theatre will be placed in the broader context of major social, political, economic, and technological developments. (offered mid day)
(offered in the afternoon)

Textbooks and Art Supplies

All texts should be purchased from the SMU Bookstore before departure. Students will receive a list of texts after acceptance into the program. Students from other universities can order books by mail. All art supplies should be purchased before departure as not all fo the materials will be available in Orvieto. Drawing students will receive a supply list after acceptance into the program.


Students and staff will live in a comfortable hotel in the heart of Orvieto. For the sake of other guests, the hotel will enforce quiet hours
after midnight.

SMU-in-Italy is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good standing from SMU or any other accredited college or university. Knowledge of the Italian language is not required; however, priority is given to students who are interested in Italian studies. All applicants should have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

Selection of applicants is based upon scholastic achievements, recommendations, interest in Italian culture, and a personal interview.

Applicants from other universities will be contacted for an interview by telephone.

Southern Methodist University reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, any provision or requirement, including, but not limited to, requirements, itineraries, courses, fees and refund policies.

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For further information, contact:
The International Center/Study Abroad
P.O. Box 750391
Dallas, TX 75275-0391
Telephone: 214-768-2338
Contact: Professor Kathy Windrow - Director, SMU-in-Italy


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