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Orvieto Lake of Corbara &
 Oasi WWF di Alviano
- Where to Stay Around Lake Corbara

The area around Lake Corbara, which falls into the lands managed by the city of Orvieto [at roughly 5 kilometres away] boasts a broad range of accommodation, from agriturismi-farmhouse residences to hotels, holiday villages, well equipped camping sites, bed & breakfasts, apartments and period residences.

Many of the buildings that today function as lodgings for tourists to the area are converted farm buildings that were once part of the large estates that occupied large tracts of lands in this part of the country. Visitors will find that these buildings have been restored with every respect for the original structure. Clearly there are also some lodgings that have been built afresh.

According to the Italian tradition, many of these hotels and lodgings are family-run businesses, which gives them that extra touch of personality lacking in many of the large hotel chains across the world.

Baschi bed and Breakfast Casal Italia Bed & Breakfast Casal Italia - Civitella del Lago 05020 Baschi Terni - Tel. 0763 305523 Fax 0763 390670 email:bbcasalitalia@umbriaonline.com • The Casale has retained its original spartan style of decoration and is located within the Medieval town itself, which in turn looks over the magnificent lake between Todi and Orvieto.
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