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- Lake Corbara

Created by a 641-metre-long dam erected across the river Tiber in the 1960s, Lake Corbara is between 30 and 40 metres deep and extends for some 10-13 square kilometres Orvieto and Todi.

In 40 years since it was formed, Lake Corbara has developed into a fascinating eco-system that is today protected by the Tiber River Park, which occupies a long strip of land either side of the river and around the lake itself, providing a number of facilities of quality tourism with an eye to preserving the environment.

The road that runs around the lake from Orvieto to Todi is particularly spectacular as winds in and out of a number of wooded gorges around the course of the Tiber.

The lake takes its name from the village of Corbara, in the Comune of Orvieto, which dates back to the 13th century when Andrea di Montemarte was imprisoned by the inhabitants of Todi and obliged to retire to the castle of Titignano and Corbara. Over the centuries his family extended its lands increasingly towards Orvieto and became active in the political life of the city.

Lake Corbara :

Ideally located in a protected natural reserve, Lake Corbara offers a number of options to those interested in open air tourism

Sports on Lake Corbara:

Rafting, caving, fishing, canoeing and rowing are the main sports available on and around the lake.

The dramatic contrast between the quiet waters of the lake and the vertical mountains that rise up around, make Lake Corbara ideal for both water sports and climbing.

Caving enthusiasts will find plenty of food for amusement in the area’s labyrinthine network of caves.

Fishing is consented all along the Tiber and round Lake Corbara.

The Salviano Rowing Centre is fully equipped to cater for the needs of canoeists and rowers.

Other natural reserves in the vicinity:

The protected areas of Sette Frati and Villalba offer picnicking facilities, shelter huts and marked footpaths for walkers.

Sette Frati is close to the Tiber River Park (in the Comune of San Venanzo -Tr) and covers an area of roughly 25 hectares at 800 metres above sea level, commanding unique views over the Tiber Valley.

The abundant and mature woodland that covers most of the area is home to a large number of plant and animal species, some of which are rare. Deer and muntjacks, endemic to this area of Italy, inhabit the area in relatively large quantities.

Alongside the natural reserve of Monte Rufeno, in Lazio, lies Villalba, an area of 25 hectares of woodland at 750 metres above sea level that is connected to the Monte Rufeno reserve with a number of footpaths.

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