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Orvieto Lake of Corbara &
 Oasi WWF di Alviano
- The WWF Reserve at Alviano

Near Orvieto the WWF manages a protected natural reserve known as the Oasi di Alviano, which in fact came into being artificially in 1963 with the damming of the river Tiber.

The shallow waters of the Tiber that covered a large area after the river was dammed soon began to host a broad variety of bird and plant life, building up a mixed habitat that includes lake, swamp, water and woodland.

A large number of migratory birds use the Oasi as a stopping place to and from their breeding grounds in northern Europe.

During autumn and winter visitors can easily spot large numbers of coots and wild duck, while spring and autumn are ideal for watching even rare migratory birds such as the fishing hawk, the wild goose, the glossy ibis or the crane.

The vegetation around the area is typical of marshy areas and is composed mainly of bamboo and aquatic trees

In 1978 the Oasi became a protected area and was taken over by the WWF in 1990.

There are two itineraries that run through the Oasi, marked with explanatory panels and with observing huts. There is also an educational pond and a well-equipped laboratory with microscopes for an in-depth understanding of this unique environment.

Itineraries Within the Oasi di Alviano :

The educational Sentiero Didattico itinerary extends for some 1.5 kilometres and features 4 observation huts for watching the bird life on the swamp. One tower looks over the so-called praterie allagate, a small damp area where underground and rainwater accumulate for most of the year and provide large quantities of food for the birds. A small hut has been installed for observing common field bird life.

The Sentiero Natura is due to open shortly.

A Bicycle track runs from the Alviano Scalo railway station to the Oasi along a flank of the Alviano Lake.

September 1st to May 15th
Sundays and holidays 10am till sunset.

Groups should call 0744.903715, 333.7576283. Tickets: adults 3.10; children 2

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Tel. 0744 903715

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