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Orvieto Transport in town - Buses and Taxi

The city bus lines of Orvieto are run by ATC Terniand include two main lines (A, B) plus a further 16 lines that connect the outskirts with the city centre every 30 minutes.

All the main car parks around Orvieto are connected to the city centre by a minibus service, lines A and B and by alternative transport means such as the FUNICULAR � LIFTS - ESCALATORS.

Bus tickets are for sale in bars, tobacconists or news agents. Travellers who do not buy their ticket until they are on board pay a surcharge.

For further information on TIMES AND LINES consult the website
ATC Terni


Piazza Matteotti, 15 � Orvieto Scalo
tel. 0763/301903

Piazza della Repubblica � Orvieto
tel. 0763/342613

tel. 360/433057 (also night service)

ORVIETO TRANSFER di Colagè Alessio
mob. 370.3181469
tel/fax +39 0763.343170

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