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- Eating on Lake Corbara

Those in search of excellent fresh fish and local cuisine will find that Lake Corbara offers a broad range of restaurants and trattorie to suit all tastes and pockets.

The most celebrated dishes in this region of Umbria are pork sausages cooked over a wood fire, the so-called ‘mazzafegati’, as well as salame and ham. Te area is also known for its game (quails and partridges) cooked in a case of bread dough.

A must for fish lovers is certainly the local carp, à la Regina in Porchetta.

Although the area clearly abounds in fresh water fish, it is excellently supplied with fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Orvieto Online suggests:

The Tipica Trattoria Etrusca in Via Lorenzo Maitani, 10 - [old town centre] ORVIETO. Tel. 0763.344016 Fax 0763.341105 Caters for around 70. Excellent wine list. Losed Mondays.

The Ristorante Trippini at Civitella del Lago, roughly 15 minutes drive from both Orvieto and Todi. Justifiably known as one of Italy’s top restaurants. Tel./Fax 0744.950316 – Closed Mondays.

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