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Orvieto Transport in town - Traffic Restrictions

The city of Orvieto has implemented a number of alternative transport solutions into and through the city centre, to avoid traffic congestion caused by cars.

The alternative transport system is divided into four elements:

Main traffic;
Secondary traffic (through traffic);
Pedestrian zone;
Restricted traffic zone.

Main traffic
This includes traffic around the city centre and is organised as a kind of one-way ring road with ramifications up into the city itself and to alternative access routes.

Secondary traffic (through traffic)
This is the traffic network that allows transport from one end of the city to the other, and into the so-called ‘rooms’ into which the old town centre is divided.

Pedestrian zone
This area comprises a series of streets and squares where only transit on foot is permitted.

ZTL - Limited traffic zone
The Limited Traffic Zone, or ZTL, includes the area within the one-way ring road for main traffic. The ZTL area is divided into twelve ‘rooms’ open only to those who are residents and where only those who are resident are allowed to park. Those who are not resident in Orvieto but who own buildings with parking places are also admitted into the ZTL area. All cars within the ZTL area should display their permits clearly, to enable the city’s traffic wardens to make the adequate checks speedily and easily.

Special permits
The ZTL area is accessible for clients of hotels within it, for the loading and uloading of baggage. The city police, or Polizia Municipale, is empowered to concede special entrance permits for exceptional circumstances.

Funerary processions are allowed into the ZTL area without restrictions.

Silence Zone
The city’s silence zone includes Via dei Dolci - Vicolo dei Dolci - Via Lorenzo Maitani - Piazza Duomo - Via Soliana. Any kind of rowdiness or disruptive behaviour is strictly forbidden in this area.

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