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Orvieto Art and tourist attractions - Parco delle Grotte

A shady green area just steps from the Duomo offers ideal picnicking facilities and a corner of countryside to visitors in the centre of Orvieto.

The caves that make up part of the Orvieto Underground guided tour open up into an area known as the Parco delle Grotte, a large green area planted with pines and shaded by pergolas that is suitable for picnicking, with large terraces that slope towards the edge of the rocky plateau on which the city of Orvieto stands. An ideal rest for resting a moment after enjoying the lively decorations of the cathedral fa�ade a short distance away.

Those who book in advance can arrange to have their lunch brought to them on this little corner of countryside right in the centre of Orvieto.

Particularly suited for groups and school trips, the park can easily hold up to 100 people. A large cave normally used for concerts, conferences or other kinds of entertainment is ideal for taking shelter in the event of bad weather and contains a large communal eating area.

The Parco delle Grotte can also be booked for private parties. A large clearing is also available that is ideal for listening to live music, dancing or just arranging a large barbeque.

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