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The area occupied by the Volcano Park lies around 3 small volcanic craters, each with a diameter of around 500 metres and a maximum height of 30 metres, that were active some 250,000 years ago. The salt waters that covered the area in prehistoric times are today known as the San Venanzo Sea, after the nearby town of San Venanzo. But the area also has interesting geological formations, such as the Pian di Celle tufa rock ring, 800 metres to the south, or the Anello di lapilli di Celli, some 500 metres to the east of Pian di Celle.

As well as offering the visitor a look at its volcanic craters and long-cold lava flows, the Parco Vulconologico di San Venanzo is also known for the rarity of some of the rocks and minerals that lie in its territory, the best known being undoubtedly venanzite.
Over the years the Parco Museo Vulcanologico has become a major attraction for environmental tourists and school trips, offering ideal conditions for those interested in studying igneous rock formations, metamorphism and volcanoes with the help of the museum’s specialised staff.

The museum itself occupies a period building right in the old town centre of San Venanzo, near the Villa Comunale park.

Arranged in successive sections, each room guides the visitor through all the necessary steps towards understanding the San Venanzo volcanoes and acts as an interesting introduction to the world of geology.

The open air section of the museum is visible by following 2 kilometres of itinerary that illustrate the history of this volcano and pass by the remains of an ancient stone quarry – a fascinating look at how rock was mined in antiquity.

Consult la Mappa del Parco.
Consult image gallery: paleontologia.
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other months:
Open by appointment only

Alternative days available throughout the year for guided tours by appointment.


single € 5,00
children (6 - 12 years) € 2,50
guided tour single ticket € 3,60
guided tour group ticket € 2,50

Open by appointment on alternative days


Parco Vulcanologico e Museo
-Parco e Museo vulcanologico di San Venanzo. Open from March to September every Sunday -10.00-13.00/15.00-18.00
Open by appointment on alternative days - Tourist group min. 8 persons.
Telephone: Cooperativa TERRA
Tel./fax +39 075.875482 Mobile +39 334.6845090 349.6403193

Visit website Coop.TuttinTerra or website of Museum.

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