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Stopping and Camper Service in Via della Direttissima, behind the railway station, lit sign at 500 metres from the A1 motorway exit.

TELEPHONE 0763/300161 - 338/6843153 - 328/0644317

SERVICES water; WC; lighting; hygiene services.

Follow signs to Orvieto - parcheggio funicolare - bus turistici - parcheggio Stazione FFSS. At the station there is a large tarmacked surface with 36 watched stopping areas for campers, green borders and lighting. Loading and unloading services, electricity and water supplies, WC, hot showers, washing basins for clothes and kitchenware. Access to the centre of Orvieto is via the funicular, at 50 metres from the railway station. Bar, pizzeria and newsagents are nearby.

RUN BY: Sig. Renzo Battistelli
24 h. all inclusive € 15
6/8 h. all inclusive € 10
only loading and unloading € 5
hourly rate € 2

Stopping area opposite the "Piave" barracks, 100 metres from the old town centre. Free, lit and quiet.

Stopping area free opposite the ‘Crocefisso del Tufo' Etruscan burial ground at roughly 1 Km from the funicular parking lot.

Stopping area (not free) at Campo della Fiera, facing the Rocca on the other side of the funicular

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