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Orvieto Specials - Out of town - Settefrati sul Monte Peglia Park

The wooded slopes of Mount Peglia (837 metres above sea level) and Mount Piatto (769 metres above sea level), between Orvieto, San Venanzo and Todi, are covered by an extensive network of marked footpaths that form an ideal method for both tourists and students interested in trekking and learning about nature.

Qualified guides are available to help visitors make the most of this varied and stimulating terrain, which ranges from woodland to pastures and contains a number of geological and mineral sights such as venanzite.

But as well as offering a startling variety of points of natural interest, the area is also rich in culture, ancient traditions and a way of life that has vanished in most of the rest of the world.

The different itineraries that have been mapped out through the park offer visitors a broad choice of themes, ranging from ancient hamlets to old farmhouses.

The park’s "nature paths" and "thematic paths" include natural highlights such as the Campo delle Farfalle and pass through areas where visitors can spot a broad variety of birds in their natural habitat, as well as flowers and plants.

The Centro Documentazione ed Educazione Ambientale is a documentation centre administered by Coop Terra and is connected to a network of centres and laboratories, making Monte Peglia a major museum-lab.

Located near the summit of Mount Peglia, the documentation centre is within the Settefrati park and contains a number of large rooms, all with access for the disabled. There are also rooms containing a series of thematic exhibitions on the water cycle with its fish life, geology, local flora and fauna, as well as a projection room and a laboratory.

Comune di San Venanzo
Località Monte Peglia

-Parco Settefrati, Centro di Documentazione Flora e Fauna del Monte Peglia
Open by appointment.
Telephone Cooperativa TERRA
Tel/fax. +39 0763.838752 Mobile +39 334.6845090 +39 349.6403193

Comunità Montana Monte Peglia e Selva di Meana
tel. 075875322

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